Shane Gallagher Coley



Shane relocated from Melbourne to Brisbane in 2015, moving from his previous home at Chapel Tattoo, to work with us at Westside, and bringing with him a knowledge and skill honed over 30 years tattooing experience.

Originally from Aotearoa in NZ, Shane specialises in Maori, Ta Moko, Kirituhi, Polynesian, Samoan, Japanese and encompasses both traditional and contemporary tribal work.

“The lines are of the utmost importance in detail and proportion, following and enhancing the flow of the body. As art, Moko must follow what is already there. Moko is only to enhance what the wearer already has. The human body itself is the start of your design…it is part of the picture, not the canvas. Look at it and find your design within it’s shape and muscle tone” – Shane

For more information about Shane’s work, check out his website and follow him on instagram.

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