About us…


Westside Tattoo is a custom tattoo studio located in West End, Brisbane, Australia. Established in 1998 and now home to some of the country’s best tattooers, we specialise in a wide range of styles including Japanese, traditional American, old school, sacred geometry, tribal, Maori, Polynesian, Samoan, abstract, portrait, photorealism, script, illustrative and B&G.

Our crew includes
Ant Oliver
Anna Day
Ben Rorke
Ed Brockfield
Matt Cunnington
Peta Jamieson
Shane Gallagher
Tim Rix

Our aim as a studio and as individual artists is to provide custom tattoos of the highest quality that will stand the test of time. As such, there may be some work that we choose not to take on. Our counter staff and tattooers will help guide you through this process.

2011 saw us move to our current (much larger and more comfortable) premises in Hardgrave Rd, and welcome to the studio the services of  MJ Driver laser tattoo removal. Mike’s work in lightening/removing old, unwanted tattoos, allow us to fully realise the potential of every client’s new design.

Check out his website at mjdriver.com

MON:  Limited, by appointment only
TUE:   11am – 6pm
WED:  11am – 6pm
THU:   11am – 6pm
FRI:    11am – 6pm
SAT:    11am – 6pm
SUN:   Limited, by private appointment only

If you’d like to be tattooed by one of our artists, contact the studio to discuss what you’re after with our counter staff or shop manager. The best way to do this is in person… simply drop by to speak to us anytime we’re open. Once we’ve established what you’re after and whether we’ll be able to help you, we’ll book you an initial consultation and follow up tattoo session/s with the appropriate tattooer.

While we’re a very busy studio and most of our work is by appointment, we do welcome walk-ins wherever possible. Feel free to call us before you come in to check if there are any tattooers available on the day.

Most of our crew strive to have merchandise available for purchase both instore and at our online merch store . At any given time you’ll find t-shirts, prints, books, bags, badges/patches/stickers and more…you never know your luck. Quantities of each title are generally very limited and stocks change all the time so make sure you keep an eye on things regularly.

We have gift vouchers available to purchase both instore and via our webstore. A commonly asked question is “how much is a good dollar figure to purchase as a gift?” While we don’t have a minimum dollar value for vouchers, as a basic guide, the minimum deposit that our clients will be asked to leave as a deposit for any tattoo booking is $100, and the minimum cost for a tattoo, regardless of design/size, is $100…either of those figures can be a great gift for anyone who is looking to be tattooed at Westside. Of course, you can add any dollar value to a voucher that you’d like so, if you’re feeling generous, go nuts!

Our studio is located on Hardgrave Rd, not more than 50 metres from stop 12 on the 199 bus route from town, a short walk from the West End Ferry terminal at Hoogley St, and a slightly longer walk from Boundary Rd, the main drag of West End. If you’re in a car there’s plenty of free street parking (while the area is getting busier and busier, spots can usually be found within a couple hundred metres of the studio) and ample cafes and shops to help pass the time before you get tattooed or while waiting for a friend.

156 Hardgrave Rd, West End 4101
PH: 07 38440711
email: info@westsidetattoo.com.au
paypal: sales@westsidetattoo.com.au

28 thoughts on “About us…

    1. westsidetattoo Post author

      Hi Scarlette. No, we can not and do not tattoo anyone under the age of 18. To do so is illegal in Australia. Come see us when you turn 18 and we’ll be happy to help.
      Cheers, Scott

    1. westsidetattoo Post author

      We have a large number of inks used by our artists, depending on the particular job requirements. All are well known, respected and tested brands. For more specific details, we’d need to have had a consult to determine exactly what you wanted tattooed and who would be doing it. Come in and see us at the studio anytime we’re open and we can get more info from and for you. Cheers, Scott

  1. Adam


    I would like to book an appointment with Shane Gallagher if possible or the closest dates that he is available ?

    Thank you,

  2. Kelli

    Hi I’m wondering if you guys do white tattoos. I’m finding it hard to find someone in rockhampton or up this way who will do them

    1. westsidetattoo Post author

      Hi Kelli. It will depend on what you were after and why. Most of our tattooers do not, but in certain circumstances where we believe the outcome will be a successful tattoo, there are options.
      Email your inquiry to us at info@westsidetattoo.com.au and be sure to include a full description (location, size, content, etc). An even better option would be to drop in and talk to our counter staff anytime we’re open. Cheers, Scott

  3. Phoebe Ghysen

    Hi. Im Interested in getting a tattoo through you guys. I have a few ideas just dont know which one of the tattooists would be best suited for that kind of style. Look fowarded to hearing back from you.

    1. westsidetattoo Post author

      Hi Phoebe. We do all of our bookings directly through the studio. Best thing to do is either drop past and talk to our counter staff, or email a description and reference pics illustrating the style of work you’re interested in to info@westsidetattoo.com.au If you have a particular artist you wanted to be tattooed by, just let us know. Cheers, Scott

    1. westsidetattoo Post author

      Hi Roy
      The best thing to do is simply drop into the studio to talk to our counter staff about what you were after. Where possible we do walk-ins on the day of inquiry. Once we know what you’re after and can see some visual references of the style you’re looking for, we’ll be able to advise if a consult/tattoo booking is required or if one of our tattooers can help on the day. Cheers

  4. Liam Reardon

    hmmm im turning 18 in january but id like to get a tattoo on the day of my 18th are you allowed to consult with me as is before i turn 18 ? like to determine placements and colours and sizes or do i have to wait till i turn 18 THEN consult you guys?

    1. westsidetattoo Post author

      Hi Liam
      Best thing to do is drop past the studio to talk to our counter staff. They woill be able to advise you properly once we get more information from you and can establish what it is that you wanted to have tattooed. Cheers

  5. Jemm

    Hi guys

    I’m just after two little pieces. A gem stone on my finger &the number 42 on my wrist
    Wondering if you could squeeze me in tomorrow at all?


    1. westsidetattoo Post author

      Hi Jemm. To make any bookings you’ll need to contact the studio directly by calling 38440711 or preferably dropping in to see our counter staff during trading hours. Cheers, Scott


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